1st Creation Asian User Symposium In Japan

Presentation schedule


 April 13, 2019(Saturday)                                       

11:00 Start accepting

13:00 Opening remarks: President Takuya Takagaki

13:05 oral design lecture:Makoto Morita

"Do one best for a Smile "

13:50 Next Generation Lecture(Japan):Tomoyuki Hashinaka

 “Framework Design for Proper Midline and Incisal Position and Porcelain Application”

14:10 Next Generation Lecture(Taiwan):Wei chih Cheng

 “Reconstructions in the Esthetic Zone”

 14:30 Break time

14:45 Product introduction( HASS )

14:55 Next Generation Lecture(Japan):Kenichiro Hikawa

 “Harmony of Gingiva and Prosthesis: Selection of Form and Porcelain Powders”

15:15 Next Generation Lecture (Korea):Youngbin Lim

“Clinical Cases by Collaboration”

15:35 oral design lecture:Kenji Uchiumi

“Pursuit of Simplicity”

16:20 oral design lecture:Luke Hasegawa

”My porcelain build up technique using CREATION porcelain. ”

17:05 Q & A session

18:00~20:00 A social gathering


April 14, 2019 (Sunday)                                           

08:30 Start accepting

09:30 oral design lecture:Testuro Kubo

 "A biological approach to restoration design "

10:15 Next Generation Lecture(Japn):Ryusuke Otaka

 “A Perspective in Tissue Management for Ideal Free Gingival Margin”

10:35 Next Generation Lecture (Korea):IL Ki Ricky Lee

”Fabrication of natural looking restoration by reproducing the correct surface textures and lestres.”

10:55 oral design lecture:Takashi Takizawa

“Creating Emergence Profile & Color ”

11:40 oral design lecture :Naoki Aiba

 "DENTSCAPE: Dental Photography for Dentist-Laboratory Communications"

 12:25 Lunch time

13:40 Product introduction (Renfelt)                                               

13:50 Next Generation Lecture(Japan):Toshihisa Minesaki

“The Key Consideration to Determine Anterior Restoration Form”

14:10 Next Generation Lecture(Taiwan):Chien Hsun chen

“New Insights into Light and Color”

14:30 oral design lecture:Yasuhiro Odanaka


15:15 Break time

15:35 oral design lecture:Will Geller

「oral design」

16:20 Q & A session


16:30 Closing remarks