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Biography sketch

Danijela Modrić, Master Dental Technician, born in 1978 Zagreb, Croatia.

1996 Graduated from Zagreb Health School, Dental Technician Programme.

1996 - 1998 Faculty of Dental Medicine in Zagreb, Master Dental Technician Programme.

1998 - 2009 Experience in several top dental laboratories in Zagreb, working on tasks of making prostheses, casting, preparing and processing metal constructions, until finally fully dedicating herself to studying layered ceramics.

2009 Winner of Ivoclar Vivadent Award 2009 in category - best metal ceramic work.

2009 - 2015 Established and ran a dental laboratory at a reputable clinic in Zagreb.

2016 Founded her own company D&D dental design Ltd. for dental technique.

2016 Selected for specialisation by Creation Willi Geller training courses, after which she obtained the status of International Instructor in 2018.

2018 Selected by Mr. Sascha Hein, she joined his team as a certified eLAB Protocol Instructor.

2024 Became a member of Oral Design International Foundation.


She has held professional development training courses in Switzerland, Austria, United Kingdom, Macedonia and Croatia.


Her authorial and co-authored articles have been published in foreign and domestic professional journals such as: JERD, Labline and Dental Design.


Acted as a lecturer at international and domestic professional events:

2017 and 2019 IDS in Cologne, Germany.

2018 SINERGIJA 1.0 Symposium in Belgrade, Serbia.

2018 International ESCD Annual Meeting – Heart of Esthetics in Zagreb, Croatia.

2018 Croatian Chamber of Dental Medicine the International Dental Medicine Fair DENTEX in Zagreb, Croatia.

2018 Croatian Chamber of Dental Medicine the Christmas Congress in Zagreb, Croatia.

2019 Second eLAB Symposium in Marseille, France. 

2023 Joint lecture with Dr. Sc. Asst. Prof. Joško Viskić DMD at the University of Zagreb School of Dental Medicine. Topics: Communication skills and technologies between clinicians and dental technicians – eLAB Protocol in Zagreb Croatia.

2016 - 2024 Several other regional congresses organised by Croatian Chamber of Dental Medicine.


 List of publications

1. „SHADE MATCHING eLABor aid PROTOCOL“ Dental Design CDC vol. 2/VIII June 2018 (author: Danijela Modrić)

2. „Singles“ Labline Magazine volume X Summer 2020 (author: Danijela Modrić

3. Clinical article „Objective shade matching, communication and reproduction by combining dental photography and numeric

    shade quantification“ JERD vol. 32/6

    from August 24th 2020 (joint author:

    Danijela Modrić) 

List of presentation

- Anteriors challenge

- eLAB - my experience

- Individual approach in daily work

- Motivation and Passion


List of hands-on courses

- Natural Concept - my way of layering anteriors

- eLAB protocol

- Feldspar veneers - how to do it



- Classical music & rock music

- Painting & sculpture art

- Film

- Reading books

- exploring new places & cities.




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 Danijela Modrić