1st Creation Asian User Symposium In Japan

Speakers Representing Japan


Ryusuke Otaka


1994 Graduated from Dental Technicians 

         Program at Nihon University School of 


1996 Graduated from Post-Graduate Porcelain

         Program at Nihon University School of 


2004 Completed Oral Design course

2007 Established Beat Ceramic

2008 Attended Metal Ceramics Hands-on Course by Ulrich Werder

2010 Attended Non-Prep Veneers Hands-on Course by Naoki Aiba

2011 Completed Oral Design SAIUN Course

2012 Attended Metal Ceramics Hands-on Course by Tetsuro Kubo

2012 Attended Metal Ceramics Hands-on Course by Willi Geller

2013 Attended Occlusion Seminar by Takao Naito

2014 Attended Denture Seminar by Atsushi Toda

2014 Acquired Denture ivoclar vivadent BPS

2014 Attended Ceramic Hands-on Course by Naoto Yuasa

2015 Attended Hands-on Course by Willi Geller

Presentation title

“A Consideration on Managing Soft Tissue for Achieving Ideal Free Gingival Margin” 


Keywords: fluorescence, contour

It is widely known that Mr. Willi Geller has focused on the florescence of natural teeth for more than thirty years, and he developed Creation porcelain system that has the fluorescence resembling to that of natural dentition. 


 Through participating Mr. Geller’s hands-on courses, one can recognize that his layering technique is emphasized on “how to deliver the light to the tissue for bright and healthy appearance.” Moreover, one can sense that he does not only fabricate restorations that look real, but also he strives to improve the appearance of tissue with his restorations.  In other words, it is not too much to say that “fabricating restorations with Creation porcelain means considering even to the appearance of tissue.”


In this lecture, based on the philosophy described above, I will present the clinical cases where soft tissue was managed by the crown contour, intended to achieve free gingival margin that looks natural.


Toshihisa Minesaki


2003 Graduated from Kagoshima Dental Institute


2004 Completed Osaka Ceramic Training Center

        in Miyazaki

2004 Worked for Cusp Dental Supply / Kanare 

Technical Center

2012 Worked for Pioneer Dental Ceramics, Inc in Canada Worked for

Musashi Dental Laboratory in Canada

2013 Worked for Main Street Advanced Dental and Cosmetics in the US


Presentation title

“A Proposal in Determining Morphology in Restoring Anterior Teeth”   



Keywords: Harmony with surrounding oral environment

When restoring anterior teeth, whether the restoration is for a single tooth or multiple teeth, it is crucial to harmonize with surrounding environment such as residual teeth, tissue, lips, and face.  Technicians are required to have the knowledge and skill to fabricate the restorations that harmonize with not only adjacent teeth but also surrounding environment.  I recognize that many patients are desiring so.


In this lecture, I will address the view points on achieving such harmony, and the method of analyzing surrounding environment. 

Kenichiro Hikawa


1996 Graduated from Oita Dental Technical


1998 Graduated from International Dental

        Academy LabTech School

1998 Worked for GC

2006 Studied at Baren(Currently oral design SAIUN) 

2007 Worked for JTM Dental Laboratory

2018 Established HIKAWA Dental Laboratory

・Member of Study Group Kyushu FUUN

Presentation title

“Harmony between Restorations and Surrounding Gingiva: Form and Selection of Porcelain Powders”




Keywords: Harmony between restorations and surrounding gingiva, Emergence profile and surface smoothness 

The harmony between restorations and surrounding gingiva is one of the requirements that need to be taken into consideration when restoring anterior teeth.  In order to achieve such harmony, it is crucial to create a proper emergence profile in conjunction with controlling surface smoothness, where the restorations interface the surrounding gingiva.


In this lecture, I will illustrate and discuss the sequence of fabricating restorations focusing on the emergence profile, selection of porcelain powder for surface smoothness.

Tomoyuki Hashinaka


1994 Graduated Tottori Dental Technician’s


2001 Graduated Osaka Ceramic Training Center

2003 Completed SJCD Technician Course

2007 Oral Design Saiun Course 

2009 Oral Design Osaka Course 

2009 KEN Oral Design Course

2012 Willi Geller Clinical Hands-on course

2015 Willi Geller Hands on Course 


Currently works at Tottori Dental Technology 

Member of a Study Group Aoyakai 

Presentation title

“Framework Design for Proper Midline 

and Incisal Position and Porcelain Application”



Keywords: Designing midline and incisal edge position, Criteria for framework selection

In the fabrication of restorations, it is crucial to design a midline and incisal edge position that harmonizes with the face in provisional restoration, and to reproduce them in the final restorations.  Especially, we pay great attention to establish the mesial incisal corners of the central incisors, which is most crucial as it serves as a guideline for the function and aesthetic.


This lecture addresses the criteria for framework selection to design the midline and incisal edge position in the final restorations, and the points in shade matching in various types of frameworks.