1st Creation Asian User Symposium In Japan

Speakers Representing Korea


Il Ki Ricky Lee


Ricky is a registered dental technician who studied in Japan under the mastership of Yasuhiro Odanaka and Shigeo Karaoka.


From 2006 to 2012 Ricky worked under the mentorship of Brian Walters of Dentogenics.  He then worked from 2013-2016 within the in-house laboratory of Sydney Dental Specialists before recently opening his laboratory, Ricky Lee Dental Atelier, in North Sydney.


Ricky lectures regularly for the University of Sydney in the highly regarded Extended Fixed Prosthodontics course series and internationally in Europe and Asia. 

Presentation title

"Surface texture and texture of ceramics crown"



Keyword:Surface texture ・Luster

When you deliver your restorations into patient's mouth, often you feel something different from natural teeth. It's hard to be shown in the photographs. It's the difference of the opacity and surface texture between the restorations and the natural teeth. I'm going to talk about surface texture and Luster due to the limitation of time.


Being obsessed with surface texture is because surface texture is an important factor in removing the artificial and foreign feeling from the restorations in the oral cavity.


How far do you want to express the surface texture?Surely you can express it?! I am going to examine and talk about the conflicts that I have with my own solutions and its limitations.

Young bin Lim


2005  Graduated from Daejeon Health College 

2009  Completion of the Osaka Ceramic Training Center foreing course 

2012  ` The tooth designer ` publication


2014  Completion of the Willi geller Hands on course 

2015  Completion of the SKCD  technician course 

           Creation Korea Instructor

     Park Sungchul  dental clinic work 

Presentation title

”Clinical case by collaboration ”



keyword:Faces and lips, Forms and mimic the colour, 

Cleansing, Subgingival coutour ,Anterior guidance , Vertical Stops 

 To make a successful aesthetic prosthetic treatment, dental technicians have to consider the facts as followings :


  1. Faces and lips, harmonious forms and mimic the colour

  2. Cleansing, subgingival coutour and balanced shapes

between soft tissue and the posthetic

  3. fabricate the prosthetics with considering an anterior

guidance and Vertical Stops for a longevity.


To satisfied this we also need such as a decent impression with sub-gingival margin, enough build up space for ceramists and the teamworks among dentists, dental technician and dental hygienists on the top of previous facts mentioned. In this lecture speaker wants to mention the importance of the teamwork with his clinical cases.