1st Creation Asian User Symposium In Japan

Speakers Representing Taiwan


Wei Chih Cheng


-1988-1993 Department of Dental Technology,

 Central Taiwan University of Science an Technology, Taichung, Taiwan, R.O.C,1988-1993. 

-2011-2013 Institute of Biomedical Engineering and Materials Science, Central Taiwan University of Science and Technology, Taichung,  Taiwan, R.O.C, 2011-2013 


1996-1999 Takanori Harimoto Dental Lab, Taipei, 1996-1999

          2001 Wei-Chih Dental Lab, Changhua, Taiwan, 2001 Director

Taiwan Association of Dental Technology R.O.C. 2001-2015,


           2007 3M LAVA Instructor, 2007

           2009 Qualifying Examinations Qualification Certificate Dental

technologist, 2009

           2013 GC Initial Instructor, 2013 Department of Dental Technology

and Materials Science, Central Taiwan University of Science and Technology, Adjunct Instructor

           2014 The Academy of Gnathology and Occlusion, Recognition

of Dental Technician

           2015 Department of Education Certified Instructor, 2015 Creation

 CC,ZiCT Advanced hands on course(1 Year) 

           2016 Tetsuro Kubo Creation cc Hands-on course

                     Willi Geller Hands-on course in Sendai

                     Jungo Endo Ceration ZiCT Gum Hands-on course

           2016 Sascha Hein Hands-on course

           2017 Naoki Aiba white gold leaf laminate veneer Hands-on course 

Presentation title

 “Reconstruction in the Esthetic Zone”



Keywords: fluorescence, opacious dentin  

My goals as a dental technicians is to be able to create the restorations that have natural morphology and shade with tissue harmony and biocompatibility. 


In 2015, I completed the series of five intermediate-level hands-on courses taught by Mr. Yasuhiro Odanaka in Taipei.  In the courses, I acquired the method of controlling value with opacious dentin, and the deeper understanding of fluorescence by utilizing In-Nova, and so on. 


What I learned from him made me to pay closer attention to value and red shift in Asian teeth.  This lecture describes how I applied what I learned to achieve clinical excellence. 


Chien Hsun Chen


2006 Graduated from Dental Technicians School

at Central Taiwan University of Science and Technology

2009 Established Cian Hong Dental Lab

2016 Became an Instructor for GC

2016 Attended Metal Ceramics Hands-on Course by Tetsuro Kubo

2016 Attended Ceramics Hands-on Course by Willi  Geller

2016 Attended Ceramics Hands-on Course by Jungo Endo

2016 Attended Ceramics Hands-on Course by Yasuhiro Odanaka

2016 Attended Ceramics Hands-on Course by Sascha Hein

2017 Attended Platinum Foil Porcelain Laminate Hands-on Course

by Naoki Aiba

2017 Attended Ceramics Hands-on Course by Naoki Hayashi

Presentation title

“New Insights into Light and Color”



Keyword: fluorescence 

Four years ago, I started using Creation porcelain, recommended by my senior.  I was impressed with the beauty of shades at that time.  Until then,  I was struggling with many of my clinical cases being opaquey.  


In order to solve these problems, I attended the hands-on courses given by Oral Design members for two years, and learned the shade and fluorescence in relation to cervical regions.  Thanks to the hands-on courses, now I am able to apply the knowledge in my porcelain build up, and as a result, clinical cases are successful.    


In this lecture, I will address my insights in clinical cases.